Is is feasible to have small inboard diesel in 18-27' centerconsole (sportfisher styl

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    Hi SubTom- I do agree that there are some deals to be had, south of the border. I did buy my sailboat in the states a few years ago, and brought it back.
    At this point though, if it deems feasible, I would rather try and build a small aluminum boat (looking at a 20' design and a 25' design) to accomplish a couple of things:
    - get experience in working with aluminum, boatbuilding. Reason for this is that my long term goal of building a larger aluminum catamaran.
    - end up with a reasonabley priced boat that will allow us to enjoy our local bay

    I think most of the deals in the US would come with older outboards, and I am leaning more to building a 25'er with a used inboard diesel, as we have experience with diesels, and they are very reliable.

    Or, build a 20'er and buy a new or nearly new outboard, to arrive perhaps at the same cost as an older setup, but with a low maintenance alumium boat and newer, reliable outboard.

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    Carry on.

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