Is Corsair Dash 750 seaworthy for the race?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Cholsson, Sep 26, 2020.

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    I bought a Corsair Dash 750 mk1, some weeks ago. The reason was to be able to compete in some races along the Swedish west coast. My home built 18ft trimaran Outlaw was not allowed to join due to it was considered too dangerous.
    Anyway, a race I planned compete in is named Boshusracet, a 180 Nm costal race in middle of next summer. (usually, about 160 boats starting, most monohulls)
    However I got questions if my new Dash 750 was really seaworthy.
    What do you think?

    (other boats in the same "size" in the race, are J/80, Melges24, Dragonfly25, Life 7.5..)
    (In the past, some F18 cats joined, but they are not allowed any longer)
    view of the route ()

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    patzefran patzefran

    I would say its depends on the rigging and the capability of the crew ! The boom looks very thin, it is much bigger on my 20 feet Strike !
    Similar boats raced the R2AK .
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    That decision is for the race committee and not subject to internet pundits.
    Many years ago, a Wylie Wabbit was rejected by the race committee for a Northern California offshore race. They typically raced in the very tough conditions of the San Francisco Bay. The designer, when questioned, had stated that the yacht did not meet the stability requirements of the committee for offshore. The owner took the vessel offshore anyway. It was last seen walking away from the race leaders. The vessel and crew were never found.
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    Hello Cholssen,

    it should be no problem to start. Your Competitors will be Dragonflies, Farriers and Seacarts as well as some swedisch one-off's. These boats are all as seaworthy as your Dash 750. They all start without questions in the Silverrudder and the Round Seeland, so why not in Sweden?
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