Is brushed on waxed gelcoat a good bilge coating choice?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by paularey, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. paularey
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    paularey Junior Member

    I have a catamaran (fiberglass hull) I would like to touch up a bit in the bilge & locker areas. Would brushed on waxed gel coat be a good choice? Or overkill..? The areas a rarely ever wet but I still would like a durable coating. Not real concerned about a flawless finish.
    Much thanks
  2. marshmat
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    I'd be worried here about the gelcoat not bonding perfectly and thus encouraging osmosis. If the surfaces aren't excessively rough, Interlux Bilgekote is a good choice for this; it's not the prettiest stuff (kind of a flat grey colour) but it's good at taking abuse, oil, fuel, bacteria, algae, etc.
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    If you can get it clean of old oils any 2 part EPOXY would be good choice.

    Just be sure to scrub the epoxy surface down with detergent & water a couple of days after it hardens.

  4. yokebutt
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  5. Robjl
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    Robjl Senior Member

    Don't use flowcoat.
    A two-pack polyurethane or epoxy would be better.

  6. Darren
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    Darren Junior Member

    Gell Coat is absolutley fine.
    Ensure you mix in 2% Wax Solution proir to adding the catalyst
    Ensure you abrade the area you intend to cover with 80 grit, vacuum the dust/debris and then wash the area using acetone.
    We have been using this system for many years on hundreds of boats
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