Is a Honda worth the extra $,s?

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by hydropathy, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. hydropathy
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    hydropathy New Member

    Hi all, Happy Easter! New guy here, I am buiding a 16' Nexus dory. They call it the "San Juan Dory" , can be viewed at the Nexusmarine website. I am pretty sure that I will power it w/ a 20 hp Honda, manual, tiller. Any opinions, comments welcome on boat and /or motor. Thanks
  2. redtech
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    redtech Senior Member

    all the smaller outboards are good motors i'll even swollow pride and say that as long as you take care of your outboard it'll take care of you no matter what the size or use. with that said honda does make a good produce and if your leaning on going that way thats what you'll most likely do (this is a ford vrs. chevy deal and there all good)
    with that said let me recommend electric start and tilt a small battery will do so not much wieght and you'll save yourself from pulling that dam rope and lifting that motor gets harder after a day of drinking (i ment boating or fishing or cruising or diving or or or ?)
  3. dougfrolich
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    dougfrolich Senior Member

    I have never had a Honda Outboard (I have a Nissan 2 stroke still) But I have had Honda motorcycles, Honda Cars, I have a Honda generator for back up power at home, Without exception they have all been bullet proof, and outstanding products, I would expect the outboard to be the same.
  4. openboater
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    openboater Junior Member

    Last year I did considerable research when I was looking for a new hi-thrust 4 stroke around 10hp. I decided on Yamaha.

    Check all the features, weights, prop sizes. Hoda makes a grea generator, and a good outboard, but for me at least, not the best outboard.
  5. Canaduke
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    Canaduke Junior Member

    My dad bought a 9.9 Honda 2 years ago. The motor works excellent, good power and control. The biggest pluses I've found with it are how QUIET it runs, and the Electric start. Disadvantage, the size and WEIGHT of the thing. When we have to put the motor on our car topper while its in the water, it takes two of us and is quite difficult to maneuver. My dad won't even let me try it on my small hydro because he thinks it will be too heavy for the little thing. :mad: I would reccomend the Honda, I had a 96 Civic (great car), and my parents have an Odyssey and a Civic, and they are all very RELIABLE. Honda is the way to go for me, when I buy a new outboard for the small runabout that I'm planning to build, it will be a Honda, but I would suggest the electric tilt (because of the weight) and electric start (its worth it). Good luck hydropathy!
  6. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Honda outboards have a well-deserved reputation for reliability. They're also dead quiet when compared to just about anything else. Weight is a concern with all four-strokes; in many cases the Hondas are actually among the lighter ones (although still heavier than comparable two-strokes).
    The boat looks like a beauty. I'd expect her to be quite seaworthy and efficient for something that size. Your choice of the Honda 20 looks to me like a good match for her.
  7. Canaduke
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    Canaduke Junior Member

    The reliability and low noise are great pluses. Thanks for the update about the weight Matt, I didn't know it was because it was a four stroke (now that I think about it, all our previous models were 2 strokers). Even more reason to go with the Honda hydropathy! :)

  8. ted655
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    ted655 Senior Member

    The question was... "worth the EXTRA money". Answer is NO At that size they are all good so save the $$$$ you will pay for the name.
    I have a Merc & a Yamaha now. I've had Evenrudes & Suzukis. It's SO true, take care of them, they will take care of you. A most overlooked motor that I think is the best value is the Tohatsu. If everyone would quit falling for the "mysteaque" of the Honda, they would get right on the price. They are a good motor but not worth the extra $$$
  9. redtech
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    redtech Senior Member

    ted655, you're right
  10. markjisaacs
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    markjisaacs Junior Member


    I had a 4 stroke 90HP BF90 in 2002 and i thought it was one of the best motors i ever had. Very quite, reliable and fuel consumption was excellent.
    Only down side is weight, its a heavy motor for the amount of horses.
  11. Mark Van
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    Mark Van Junior Member

    The main disadvantage of Honda is that their dealer network is not as extensive as Mercury or Yamaha. If you do any travelling, it is sometimes hard to find a Honda dealer. If you are cruising, and you need service, I would reccomend Mercury or Yamaha. They also make high-thrust models, which is what you would want for your boat.
  12. teemay
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    teemay New Member

    Not in my opinion. We have twin 225s with 112 hrs. on them and we have a major problem with one of them and Honda is denying the warranty claim without even looking at the engine. They say it is water injestion thru the exhaust and we have an independent inspector saying that is impossible and he says the reason for the failure was due to a casting flaw in the connecting rod. I think we are in for a battle with them.
  13. Aksan
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    Aksan Junior Member


    I am Oz with Aksano Catamarans, Here is my Experience witht he Honda Biz:

    We fab about 50-100 units a year Past time we were using Yamaha : Warranty : I have not seen them stand behind thier product in a professional manner just once, Paperwork allways day late penny short, they dont talk to you call back unless you are ordering 10-15 engines at a time [ If you they are buddies with you.

    Brand new engines I had water pump problems, a lot of starter problems the 2nd year, HORRID at cold start with 40&50&60&70 HP; In their second year.

    Difficuly to start, once started they did not want to put out for at least 10-15 minutes, if you lay down the trottle, they bogged down..

    We paid our boats to be re- tuned, vac level on each carb re balanced and we had to pay ourselves...

    Now check this out:

    Honda , My rep calls me to see how things are going, visits me regularly, 2 warrany issues, so far, Issue was resolved no questions asked. Once was a faulty harness, while I was talking to the rep he took it form my hand, and had a new one sent...

    Their engines: Fuel injected ones I believe are the best products in the world market today, the carbeurated ones are great, but shallow on torque curve, their 90 150 are just amazing machines.. 50 is carbeurated, during take off yamaha will beat it but after that Honda catches up becasue it is lighter and bec. it is the Same HP of Yamaha Fuel economy is also just amazing..

  14. blared
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    blared ALFA

    Honda is a good company with dependable outboards and easy to find parts, Looks real nice to me but I wouldn't pay the extra cash just for the looks, All the outboards are nice now, I would rather get a Suzuki or E-tech.
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