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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by farjoe, Sep 19, 2008.

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    considering the effect IRC has on race results I am intrigued on how little this topic is discussed on this forum.

    My interest was piqued when noting that yatchs which sail at practically the same speed ( when helmed by sailors of varying competence) are rated vastly differently on IRC.
  2. Paul B

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    Here in the US IRC is not widely used. In fact, there is almost no IRC sailing except in a few major regattas where the competitiors have no option.

    Your point about ratings is valid. Here in the USA the Schock 35 and the J35 have rated even up in class for 20 years+. Results show that well sailed versions of both boats are evenly matched. The J is slightly faster in a breeze, the Schock slightly better in the light, but overall there is not much in it.

    IRC just kills the Schock vs the J. No reason to come out in your Schock if the race was IRC.

    The fact that IRC once had a 36 footer rated as the fastest boat on the planet, faster than a MaxZ86s at the time, tells me it isn't very accurate.

    IRC is a one number rating system, and the ratings have some "PHRF" knob turning in them. Great for you if you have a type that the IRC back room mob like. Not so great if you have a different type of boat. Most "fun" small boats fall into the latter category.
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    Another reason the rule is not much discussed here is that, as far as I can recall, it has never been published.

    How can anyone comment on something like that sight unseen.

  4. farjoe
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    O.K., But its efficacy can be.
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