ipe for compression post step and floors

Discussion in 'Materials' started by robwilk37, Jan 31, 2012.

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    seems from what ive read this wood would suit for these purposes, and it just so happens ive got a bunch left over from a decking job. 2/4 material however so id be laminating to 6/4 for the floor timbers and 8" for the step, using the acetone wash / flare / epoxy technique. is there a benefit to a layer of biax in between the timbers ? and in the big picture, would it be better to fab out of G10 ? (which i dont have) anyone in so cal with some G10 for sale ?

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    Ipe is very common wood to use for structural members in South America. There is no advantage to biax between the layers. What is G10?
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    G10 is a fiber reinforced plastic that comes in sheets and shapes, generally for large electrical applications were you need a core/shape but don't want to use metal.

    Just use the ipe with drifts or splines if you are concerned about the shear between the laminates. You should be able to get G10 if you want from any good composite supplier, try Cadillac Plastics down there.
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    G10: An extremely durable makeup of layers of fiberglass soaked in resin, then highly compressed and baked. Impervious to moisture or liquid and physically stable under climate change.
    One of my favorite knife handle materials.
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    Sounds like Bakelite

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    Much tougher.
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