Investors & Boat builder or carpenter for project in Cambodia wanted

Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by Alex Felix, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. Alex Felix
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    Alex Felix New Member

    I know what boats to build, I got the sources for materials, costs and I have an outstanding marketing concept. Here is a market for several 100 boats. There is no real competition yet, material and labor is cheap. An investment of just TEN THOUSAND US DOLLARS (US$10.000) is needed to get the boat yard started but the return will be well worth it. The goal here is not just to make money, but also to start a marine conservation program, give young locals a chance to learn new skills like sailing, basic navigation, English, snorkeling, marine conservation and waste management to become educated boat drivers and tour guides with a good salary and awareness for environmental problems. This is suitable for anyone who loves boats and a free life style; knows how to work with wood and plywood, has a young mind and heart, enjoys life on a tropical beach.
  2. SamSam
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    SamSam Senior Member

    Explain a little more. What is the next step in this enterprise?
  3. Alex Felix
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    Alex Felix New Member

    The next step would be acquainting, meeting, if it works out renting land, hiring help, buying some tools and materials, building the boat yard and accommodation for the workers and then building boats. I have planned the whole project for some time but so far I could not find anyone who can build boats and wants to live in Cambodia. Most people come here to invest 20k-50k in bars or restaurants, thinking the local staff is cheap and will do all the work - and leave after they lost all their money 6 months later, blaming the locals for their loss. I'm not looking for a lazy dreamer...
  4. Eerik
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    Eerik a wannabe designer

    Hi Alex,

    I believe I qualify pretty much to these terms. I have built a couple of small plywood boats so far, have been a professional in furniture for quite some time, from technologist to technical, production manager, up to managing director in small companies, at the same time been able and have laid hands on myself; have worked in Vietnam for 4 years, visiting Cambodia quite a few times, loving the area and the country, now looking for a way to get back there (now back in Europe for half a year already)... Some experience in sailing and powerboating... if interested... ;)


  5. Daniel SH
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    Daniel SH New Member

    Hey Alex,
    I am living in Sihanoukville and I was looking for a parter who undertands boats in odrer to build custom boats. I have a client and a deep knowledge in sailing boats and in motor boats. The only thing I luck is a place to build the boat and proper material sourcing also can help. Will be happy to be in contact:
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