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    Came across the forum some time ago and have been reading a lot and decided I would join and get involved. My name is Adam and I attend NC State University major in Industrial Design and I will be graduating Dec 09. I have wanted to get into boat design for some time now and things looked promising before the economy went sour. However this has not deterred me, I still want to design boats, particularly sport fishing boats and smaller sport fishing yachts. So I have been searching for a summer internship in the business, if its not design, maybe I can do some manual labor, anything to get some experience. Also, it seems that an additional degree specific to boat design is recommended beyond my bachelors. However I am not sure on exactly what degree and where I will need to go to get it. My folks think I am crazy for chasing the boat design dream instead of taking standing offers in other fields and have not been initially supportive of more school.
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    Don't do it Adam, Boating is a discretionary spend item and the way the global economy is going - very little chance, even for the insane who inhabit this net. Ask Sean, he may well post soon...

    Get a proper job and keep boating as a hobby - more expensive than women - but your boat is not likely to sue you for divorce and take all.... :D:D:D:D
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    do it Adam, it is important to be happy in your work and certain boats still sell well. I have confidence in the industry, boats are like beer, man can not do without
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    There's overhauling and maintenance going on all the time even the sales of new boats are down. Get some experience that way :)
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    An staedy increase in the number of boats for several years, and faster, bigger, too....... While the number of people to handle these boats have a fixed quantity of idjits.... (meaning; more idjits driving faster and bigger boats).

    So the line here from TeddyD;
    "There's overhauling and maintenance going on all the time even the sales of new boats are down".
    Should be altered to;
    "There's overhauling, maintenance and repair going on all the time even the sales of new boats are down"..

    Some of them even have money...:D
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    I also graduated in industrial design. (a very long time ago) Industrial design will not teach you how to design a boat. It will teach you how to design the thousands of "stuff" that goes on a boat. You should be looking for a job with one of the many Marine Industry suppliers that have R & D departments. In this economy people are not buying new boats. They are fixing up their old boats with new "stuff"

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    Take the bait and become a bigger fish in the water... I like river boat at the moment... :D WELCOME AMIGO
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