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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by classicglastron, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Thank You for the opportunity to join a great site such as this! I am a college student at SUNY Oswego in Oswego, NY on the shores of Lake Ontario. All of my life I have been very interested in boats and grew up on,in, and around boats of all shapes and sizes. I essentially learned to walk aboard a boat. Therefore, the water of the lakes and rivers of New York run through my veins. During my young life I have worked at a marina as an apprentice and now as an old outboard mechanic along with owning my own small outboard repair business out of my garage. I have also helped my dad build a boat and am working on the ongoing restoration of my daily boat, a 1959 Glastron Fireflite with a 1957 Evinrude BigTwin outboard.

    At this point, I am becoming increasingly interested in designing and building my own boat. I have been studying the works of Phil Bolger and Thomas Firth Jones with much excitement. Also, I am studying the works of some of the greatest designers such as R. Buckminster Fuller and many others. In a Design Probe class I am participating in right now, we are to propose and design a project. I would love to design and model my boat ideas for this class. It will probably be a hybrid style Bolger hull with some Fuller style touches. Power will come from one of my classic outboards that I am pondering some "green" modifications for. Does anyone have any Bolger hull photos or plans that they could possibly share or any personal ideas or thoughts they would be willing to share. Please know that I have no commercial interests and will not steal any ideas put forth. Thank you very much for your time and thoughts and the chance to to post on this great site.
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    Perkins T6.354

    Hello Forum,

    Can anyone please help me? I need to reassemble my Perkins T6.354 engine I I have know idea where to fit the oil cool hoses. If anyone can provide me with some pics of a fully assembled one I would be very greatful

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    Bolger and Fuller shared some of their philosophy. Try to read "The Common Sense of Yacht Design" by Francis Herreshoff. He had an great understanding of aestetics and grace.
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    Agusta Gusta


    My name is Agusta, i'm indonesian.
    I'm very interested with boating. Now, i'm engineer of ship consultant at batam island, indonesia.
    I'm 21 years old. I hope, i can get more knowledge about boating.
    Agusta, ANTs Boat
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    my name is Richard! Could we please stop to hijack classicglastrons thread!?
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    Hi, my name is Tom and I'm addicted to boating.

    Can anyone help me stop?

    Now seriously, classicglastron (original post and thread starter) has a

    query, he has the stage. Who can help the bright-eyed student?
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    If you have a classic outboard it will be a polluter. They put as much oil in the water as they burn. There is also a lot of smoke. If you want a "green" outboard with old look you can fake it. I have taken a new outboard and covered it with an old cowling for looks.

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    There is a moderate collection of Bolger drawings posted at the Bolger Yahoo group.
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