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    Hi. new member Fran Slingerland here from NINTH CHARM. I live on a 38' Newick "Native". Partner & builder of boat John Scholberg sails with me. We have sailed 40,000nm from our home in Montreal and are now in South Africa. Our boat is made of Airex foam glass & epoxy resin laminate. You can see photos and more about us on
    To the point...
    I'm going home for a few months and will be repairing canoes around Montreal and Ottawa in Canada. I want to buy some Airex foam. Anyone know a good supplier for Airex C70 (or maybe their R65?) in the area? Or somewhere nearby? I will be making ribs for kevlar canoes and want to use Airex...
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    ninth charm

    Hi Fran, I know this info is too late but anyway, Noah's in Toronto is a good source for foam - they usually have lots of core cell offcuts for sale which would work well for your application. My real reaon for posting it to try and contact you regarding yout Newick trimaran. Any chance you guys will be selling Ninth Charm in the near future now that you have finished your circumnavigation? Please contact me at ...
    mc1959er (at) gmail (dot) com
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    Hi Fran welcome to the forum I remember reading your articles in Multihull world.
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