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    does anyone know where i can find an internship? i am graduating highschool in may and am starting engineering school at mcneese state university in september. i've been looking at a couple differnt internships ( ducks unlimited, wildlife and fisheries, etc.), but i haven;t been able to find anything geared toward mechanical engineering. i've loved being around boats my whole life, but in the past year or so have been head over heels with ideas of building smaller aluminum boats for duck hunting and surface drive motors. i've recently built a small mud motor, it runs well in open water, but we'll see this weekend how well it goes through the real stuff:D
    anyway, one problem i've found is i need to be saving money, so i really need a job, but i really want something that i can gain experience in.

    i'm getting a degree in mechanical engineering and a second one i'm planning on is between wildlife management and general ag.
    i would be happy to get anything i can get, even though i need to be putting money in the bank, i THINK i can get by. even if i can find something that pays only for basic expenses i think i would still be happy.

    thanks guys,
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