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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by BigYeet, Feb 20, 2020.

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    BigYeet Big yeet

    Thanks for the measurements and advice, I have already started construction if the plug but I am still considering some changes to the wings, etc. I have changed the design quite a bit and here are some pics of the newer one. The current foils are not the actual ones that I have designed. Do you think the wing is still a bit far forward or should this do also does the mast stump look a bit too far back? I do know how I am going to attach the wings, prod, etc but I am just a beginner at CAD so I thought there wouldn't really be any point in adding in the details. Also would it be possible to make a sail or would it be better to buy one. Thanks
    2020-07-15 (5).png 2020-07-15 (6).png 2020-07-15 (2).png

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    Nice to see some more renders.
    I relate to finding computer design packages tricky. Find it almost more limiting sometimes when trying to think creative.

    What is your plug construction approach?

    The wing now looks better.
    Compression struts, further forward, slight slope towards the stern.
    The position looks fine.
    The rise and slop could still be exaggerated- though it will make construction more complex.

    Hull is fine. Quite mainstream, but easier for construction.
    The change of topside to hull bottom could be tricky to lay core into, maybe.

    For the main foil, I would recommend a square section foil box, and then 3D printing inserts. That way you can fit the mach2 (good cost vs performance, and good availability on the second hand market).
    Or if you were to change, you could 3D print a foil insert.

    Are you planning for a decksweaper and end plating?

    That’s all that comes to mind for now.
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