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    The Royal Institute of Naval Architects has started a new online publication International Journal of Marine Design, edited by Dr Sean McCartan of Coventry University, to provide a "forum for the reporting and discussion on design practice and technical issues associated with aesthetic design. The full spectrum of marine design from small craft to superyachts, including commercial and specialist vessels, will be examined."

    The scope is considerably different than the topics usually discussed here:
    "•Design visualisation (including design methodologies, design practice, innovative concepts, design analysis tools, computer aided design), TOI (Transfer of Innovation) from other industry sectors).
    •Ergonomics and domotics (including UCD (User Centred Design) methodologies, emotional design methodologies, TOI (Transfer of Innovation) from other industry sectors).
    •Sustainability in construction (including one-off construction and series production issues, facility design, materials, joining technologies, reconstructions and rebuilds of historic craft).
    •Sustainability in operation (including, equipment, results of sea trials, results of instrumentation, TOI (Transfer of Innovation) from other industry sectors).
    •Implementation of regulations in the design process (including international, national, and regional regulatory frameworks, classification, codes of practice, rating rules).
    •Virtual work/learning environments (including, CPD for marine designers, networking opportunities for innovation and exchange, virtu al work environments to facilitate multi-disciplinary, multinational teams).

    I'm not sure how "sustainability" qualifies as asthetic, but it is a current topic for those engaged in "product design".

    More information about IJMD is available here There is a link on that page for free access to the first issue.
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    Looks interesting, thanks for the link!
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    Thx, Will look when on pc, sounds interesting but have to update my vocabulairy again @¤¥~•^¢¿
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    Not 100% sure why RINA are doing this, other than another avenue for revenue. Coventry Uni has extremely good Industrial and Automotive Engineering design courses. That is the only link I can see, between that field and boats in general....the ergonomics and engineering of "it" being the only real link. Using Mega-Yachts etc as their 'link' between the 2 disciplines. The rest, the real boat stuff, is covered by normal RINA publications/committees etc. in big or small ships.

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    Thanks for posting David. Looking thru volume 1 now.
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