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Discussion in 'Materials' started by Carol d, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Hi all,
    We are in the proscess of re doing the interior of our 42 ft. lagoon Catamaran. The walls were made of thin plywood covered with vinyl which was rotting and deteriorating. We took all that off, ground out whatever glue was left on the fiberglass and now have to replace the panels. I do not want to use vinyl. would love to use a waterproof laminate of some sort. The only thing easily found is the FRP type panel at lowe's, but it is not very attractive.

    Any suggestions? I have been to numerous lumberyards, cabinet places etc. but nothing as yet. ths surfaces to be covered are not curved so something infelexible would probably be OK. Jamestown distributers have wood panels, but I am worried that water seeping in, however little will rot them . why bother trying to waterproof something when a waterproof product from the begining saves work?

    Thanks for any thoughts and Happy New Year
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    western red ceder. You can dye it to look like mahogany or whatever. If you can find someone to mill it to 3/16s up to 3/8s T & G it goes up easy and does not rot. another wood is black locust which grows in your greater area--very heavy so need to cut it thin. takes stain well and is ROT PROOF - AND IS THE STRONGEST HARDWOOD IN NORTH AMERICA
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    Thanks for the info-I will ask around for those types of wood.

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    spose you mean bulkheads and hull liner surfaces
    poxy coat thin marine ply, cover with quality material or vinyl which comes with foam back, dont make panels too large and leave 3mm gap between, looks classy, fasten to INDUSTRIAL VELCRO which is glued to you surface, that way all can be taken down to clean , so no charge for this:))\on thisone I used suedo ostrich hide
    Yes tongue groove looks great on headliner(roofs) but not so good on hulls, another way, glue battons to the surfaces and then slats 50mm or so wide with nice aris(sp) on edges, and varnish the solid timber here is American white oak
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