Interior teak oil

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by John Sakovits, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. John Sakovits
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    John Sakovits Junior Member

    What are folks go to interior satin teak oil ?

    Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Will Gilmore
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    Will Gilmore Senior Member

    I am not experienced with interior teak oils, but Minwax makes a good product. Most interior wood, I think you will find, including teak, is varnished instead of oiled.

    Most people, whom I've known that oil their teak, do so because they feel the constant need to keep up with fading exterior finish is easiest when you can just clean and wipe on instead of sanding old varnish and revarnishing. Without the weather and Sun, varnishes seem to be the preferred approach.

    Certainly, if you like the oiled look better, there is no reason to avoid it. I've always like the smell of it. Teak needs to be well cleaned before finishing, so pay attention to that.

    -Will (Dragonfly)
  3. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    Tung oil gives a really nice finish and so does Deks Olje.
  4. jehardiman
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    jehardiman Senior Member

    Seafin teak oil, a little more matte than satin, but dries hard without any tack.
  5. philSweet
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    philSweet Senior Member

    I've been using Star Brite Teak oil for about 30 years. No complaints. Forty-year-old teak ply/teak panel interior looks good as new.

  6. oliver305
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    oliver305 New Member

    You should use Star Brite teak oil. It is engineered in such a way that it will protect the wooden surfaces from outside threats while maintaining its surface at the same time. It comes with advanced polymers that will seal those outside threats such as seawater, rain, and UV rays from affecting the surface. It also comes with UV inhibitors that will assist the wood in the prevention of fading and weathering.
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