Interior refit of a 22m steel sailboat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Fideusch, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Hey guys,

    I just registered here because we, a group of four, (possibly) have a rather big project on the horizon.

    We are currently evaluating a 22m steel sailboat anchored in New Zealand which would need a complete refit of its interior which is in a way too rought state for our intention to sail the oceans and combine that with chartering for a couple of months a year. I don't post pictures of the boat since we are currently in contact with the owners about a visit to the ship. It is a self-built steel sailor of a guy who has already built 4-5 ships of similar kind in his life which are still travelling somewhere on the globe.

    We would want to upgrade two existing cabins, add three, and add 2-3 heads with showers in the cabin section (plumbing work). Most of boat would need rewiring of the electrics, since as I said, everything is in a pretty rought state, but seems to be in good overall condition. Also we would like to shorten the rather large steel pilothouse with 2-3m, to add a seating area + outside kitchen/grill which is missing at the moment. We would be with the boat with at least two people full-time to work, guide, and manage the refit.

    The work we would like to do in Indonesia, since from what we have heard (we've had several phonecalls with people present in the area), materials and know-how - it's all is there for competitive price, and it's not that far to bring the vessel there.

    We have especially fallen in love with the interior of the beautiful Phinisi diving liveaboards which are in service all around Indonesia, this is the looks we want to achieve but not the very high standard in terms of luxury (A/C, TV's etc.) and materials (the high-end wood quality).



    We are currently investigating in every direction we can, looking for contacts in this area,
    ideas, or possibly even experiences from people who have gone the whole way, maybe even in
    Indonesia. If you want to talk us out of the project, please go ahead also!

    Ask any question you have, we're open to any input be it by forum, PM or mail.

  2. M&M Ovenden
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    If you plan on chartering you should make sure you know structural requirements for the size vessel. If it's a home built it may not meet requirements, and modification could be more expensive than expected.
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    If he's planning to bring it back to operate in Europe, I would say impossible.

    Heh. Its a very far distance to sail a sight unseen boat that is in an unknown "rough shape", if the interior is, so is probably every thing else.
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