Interesting design: Hawley F140

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by pagodino, Jul 25, 2009.

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    A very interesting design of a 14m yacht I think. It reminds me some boat of Manfred Curry (Sailing campion of the 1930s) like aria (I-22 m2 racing skiff o r Z-skiff 20m2 "Wal") designed from Benhaceg (Hungary-Balaton). In the 1980s in germany there was a prototyp (5-6 units made) of a litte keel-boat (7m) called Cirrus, similar to the I and Z-boats with wing mast.

    What do you think about this interesting racing ship?

    Best regards pagodino

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  3. dskira

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    So beautiful, just the work of the hull/deck is exquisite.
    The one on the trailer is also quite superbe.
    Thank you Pagodino for showing us these treasures

  4. capt vimes
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    the top image from your link looks like faked ie. computer manipulated...

    it was mentioned in this article that this boat is intended for smooth surface sailing and i do not doubt that..
    they build a wave-piercing bow but the bowsprit is definitely not intended to hit the surface once and still mounted very low...
    i mean - this bowsprit ist just too weak dimensioned.. it will crack to splinters in the first wave..

    then some other thing confused me:
    'bat wings' and 'stingray sides'
    are these two words for one and the same thing or do i just don't see the other?

    looks good, but it is practical yet proper dimensioned?
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