"Instant boat" design for car toppable fast row/sail boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Squidly-Diddly, Feb 3, 2008.

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    Squidly-Diddly Senior Member

    I'm thinking of building a easy to build row/sail boat for mostly calm conditions with sliding rowing seat and room for one passenger. Sailing more of an option, as I have a ketch rig from an old Folbot style 2 man I'd like to put to use.

    I'm thinking of a boat about 19' by 4', with stern able to take small outboard or more likely electric trolling motor.

    Car toppable important, as trailering such a big leap in hassle. I'm fairly "big and strong" so the outer-limits of car topping would be possible with use of dollies, etc.

    I'd also be interested in a home-build rowing scull just stable enough to be self balancing.

    Any favorite plans come to mind?
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    Phil Bolger's "Instant Boat" series comes to mind. Plans are sold through H.H. Payson at http://www.instantboats.com/boats.html He has quite a few designs that would be very, very close to what you're looking for. (My current boat is one of his designs- very nice, detailed yet concise plans, easy to read and accurate.)
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