Instant Beds on board

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by rasorinc, Dec 30, 2011.

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    We use inflatable queen mattress in teardrop trailer. I don't care for all that frame under the mattress in the link. Better it is on the floor or deck.
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    Pole litters work well mounted on wall brackets and store in small space.

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    Not to many boats have extra queen sized flat areas.

    Queen air mattresses are $17 apiece, so just stack two if you want to be off the floor, plus you could then have two queen beds, so if one leaks you got back up.

    Plus, on a boat, extra queen air mats can be used for floats.

    I'd rather have two twins, maybe connectable by a zipper, that would be able to make a queen, elevated twin or two twins.

    How about a combo of air mattress and hammock? An extra-long twin with high/low pressure. High on the bottom to make it span, and lower on the top for comfort. And it all wraps up in very small bag. Just an inflatable and some cords. Have cords on all four corners and a second set of four 1/4 of the way to the center, so 1/2 mattress length in the middle is open for getting in and out.

    If needed, structure the high-pressure 'platform' so it bows against you weight when inflated.

    I figure an air mattress would be fine to bump up against any boat interior and would be better than a hammock where you are what bangs into the wall.

    A Sevylor K79 makes are really good air mattress.
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    Wonder how an inflatable waterbed on a boat would feel/sleep :?:
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    Pull the garboard drain for 10 minutes and find out . . .
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    I thought it was great till I spotted a problem.

    When inflated, one leg holds the control panel face down on the floor, so how are you are supposed to flip the Deflate button ????

    nah - it isnt a problem, that's not the control panel.

    My missus thought of a great angle for this bed.

    "Sorry Dad, we cant put you up - all the beds are in use "

    "Not a problem son - just clear out a corner of the Living Room. I will be flying in tomorrow "

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    This works great. I epoxied a small string hammock to the corners of a Thermorest camp pad and used it for years. I could camp on the ground or in a tree. In the Everglades, the vast majority of the little mangrove islands are off limits to landing or going ashore. But I've been known to paddle up to one and clip my hammock up to a big mangrove and spend the night. The rules writers should have been more specific in their wording. I haven't seen any stock cruisers that can accomodate hammocks, though. I think it may have to do with roll frequency of smaller craft.

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    Make it too comfortable and they'll hang around so long you'll be looking for your own motel room at each stop.By the third night an inflated bed of nails might come in handy :) I'm leaning toward Hoyt's pole litters, simple, light, little space and on night number three, on shore, the poles can serve to frame a lean too, the canvas a roof and a ground sheet--:p
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