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    Hi all,
    I have a 2001 Triton 189 DCF & was wanting to set it up better for walleye fishing. I was wanting to go with tracks but having problems seeing it through first.
    1st prob is a track is 3.5" wide,they come in different lengths.My boat has about 2.75" of flatness on that gunnels before theres a gradual radiouse going downward.To address that I had several ideas but keep running into walls.I thought king straboard would work though I would want to glue it to the track first as I found out it doesn't accept any adhesives.One of the manufactures(traxtech) could possibly custom build a track but may not want to due to the low volume of me just wanting 2 tracks.(be nice if they would) I want a "Clean install" not the edges of the track showing along its length of the gunnel. Anybody have any Ideas there?

    I would like to be able to through bolt but have no to very limited access to under the gunnel along most of its length. I hate the thought of cutting a inspection hole along side in the middle of my desired track locations along side the gunnels just to get access.The though of it on such a pristine boat just makes me "pucker"! IDK what else to do though.
    Before I drill anywhere being a inspection plate or the tope of my gunnels I need to know whats inside. Ive called Triton over this & explained the scenario im in & asked for like a shop manual,detailed schematics.All they told me is that info is not available! Both the manufactures & misc.dealers told me.Im wasting my time trying to get them to help.They would just rather sell boats I guess & not worrey about how there customers are going to work on them! lol
    If I had the right info it would make this easyier. I cant start without it.
    Maybe all boats have the same basic design as far as wireing,steering cables & such.Im sure there all different in ways there ran under the gunnels.Gosh I wish I had xray vision! Cany anyone help me there? What about if the detailed info like id want is out there? I just don't think they wanted to deal with me as I cant believe a boat manufacturer could build a boat without any info like I asked for. Or would just throw it away after that modle is no longer in production.You'd think it would be kept for records.
    Im going to try & add some links below,To give anyone a better Idea of what im talking about:

    I sincerely thank anyones help!
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