Installing kitchen sink on bridgedeck

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by mariobrothers88, Feb 22, 2022.

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    Hi guys I was thinking of installing my kitchen sink on the bridgedeck floor and making a hole in the bridgedeck to drain the water directly into the ocean. I would use biodegradable soap of course. Are there any regulations against this or are there any reasons why this would be a bad idea?

    Thanks for all the advice guys I really appreciate it!!!
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    The rules for draining wash basins vary per harbor or marina, but generally sink wastes are allowed. However, straight drains are a problem and fixed pipes do not meet abyc and for good reason. Fixed connections fail. And a fixed connection straight to sea also offers the chance for the sea to shoot into your cabin as well as insects like mosquitos.

    So, the thing to do is make your drain and then fit a section of corrugated drain to the sink drain and wrap it into a p trap shape with zip ties. This corrugated section can then flex and move a bit with the boat and you create a p trap to keep all but the roughest sea out.

    Other alternatives include clamshelling the outlet for more protection from waterspouts.
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    I am reminded of the toilets that were installed by the late legendary Peter Spronk on the timber / epoxy sailing catamarans that he designed and built in St Maarten.
    The toilet had a nice seat and lid on a box - over a hole in the floor of the bridgedeck.
    Of course this was in the 70's and 80's, when the rules were not as strict as they are today.
    Bu it was a wonderful design - nothing to go wrong, and the plumbing could never get blocked. :)
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    As fallguy said. You also need a valve in the system, otherwise a wave could come trough like a geyser, regardless if you have a water trap or not. You can use a standard trough hull with a hose to the sink.

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    That's one of the problems with boaters today, they want a boat that can carry everything, including the kitchen sink.
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