Installing Fore and Side stays on Raptor Need Help

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by edvb, Oct 31, 2009.

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    I have been sailing my Raptor for a few years and have everything working well.
    The last improvement is to add a Forestay and Side stays to my mast that I will use when the sail is fully unfurled.
    My carbon mast is 228” long and the distance from the eyestrap hound to the top of the roller furling drum is 152.5”
    The eyestraps for the side stays are 18” back from the mast and the combined angle has them 32” away from mast.This give me about a 11.8 degree angle at the 152.5” hound height.
    The Forestay eyestrap is 56” away from the mast giving me a 20 degree angle.
    The mast is raked back about 3 degrees.
    In order for this to work I need to make three stays about 145” with eyesplices and thimble on each end.
    These will be attached to the mast hound and when not in use will be secured just above the roller furling drum with some bungee cord and clips to hold the stays tight to the mast.
    I will be able to roller furl and reef the sail the same way I am doing it now.
    I also will be able to remove the furled mast quickly for traveling as the stays are furled with the sail.
    These three stays will be made from 1/8” 12 strand vectran with welded S/S thimbles.
    I planned to use three Ronstan RF6000 Bronze Snap Shackle, Size 0 with a 790 Lbs working load to connect to the three stays using some 3/16 – ¼ Crystalyne line.
    For each side stay the Crystalyne line would go through a 29mm Harken Carbo block and then to a Spinlock PXR Single Aluminum cleat mounted about 6” from the block.
    For the forestay the Crystalyne line would go through a 29mm Harken Carbo block and then to a Harken Micro cleat I already had installed.
    This way when I want to use the stays I just unfurl the sail fully.
    Unclip each stay from the bungee and clip the snap shackle to each stay.
    When all three are done snug and cleat all three lines to the proper tension needed.
    When going straight downwind release tension on the leeward shroud so the boom can go the full 90 degrees out.
    When reefing or removing mast just head into the wind release tension on all the stays unclip stays from Crystalyne shackle line and clip shackle to spare eyestraps that will be installed.
    Clip all three Stays to bungee clips on mast.
    Snug Crystalyne shackle line and cleat.
    Your done.
    The sail is 94 SQ Feet in size. Any help on the loads, line size, cleating method and sail shape would help.
    What do you think?
    Thanks for any help on this

    The sidestay cleats would be mounted 6" inboard from the Carbo blocks shown

    The Forestay is cleated on the farthest port cleat that was used for my foil uphaul before.

    Mast eye-strap hound

    The Stays are attached 2/3 up the mast where the top batten meets the mast.
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