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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Hairybear, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Hello, I am new here and was hoping someone could help me out. I would like to install a windlass on my 1989 IMP Sportsman 220 W/A My big question is should I install an anchor roller over the bow pulpit or cut out a slot for the anchor rode to pass thru so the anchor does not stick so far out possibly interfering with the tow vehicle ?
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    I'm not sure of what you are asking . You definately should make use of a roller to reduce friction but not being familiar with your craft, I can't picture what you mean by over the pulpit. Could you make a drawing or a photo and post it. Possibly another member who is familiar with your boat can respond without seeing a photo.
  3. alan white
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    An anchor for that size boat could easily be tied back out of the way of your tow vehicle.
    Usually, a roller is needed whether there's a windlass or not unless chocks are used, but in any case, you should use a roller especially when using power, and the roller doesn't have to be out on the pulpit. It can be to port or starboard, closer in. On sailboats the roller might be out on the sprit or pulpit in order to keep the rode or chain from wrapping around the bobstay which would eventually damage something.
    Your boat could locate the roller to either side and if so arrange the setup so that the roller is oriented fore and aft and the windlass is directly as possible aft of it in a convenient location. The windlass doesn't have to be close to the roller. It just needs to pull the rode/chain in without interfering with hatches and other stuff. If you have a chain locker, the deck pipe is going to be under the windlass which of course has to feed into the chain locker. You might have to slightly angle the lead relative to fore and aft in order to use a deck pipe and chain locker or redo the chain locker a bit to accomodate the new setup.
    Every boat is different. Adding equipment like that requires imagination.
    You should try to post some photos so you help people to comment intelligently.
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    You have more than enough room for a normal size pulpit and bow roller on your 21' IMP, unless you're running with a weird towing rig and/or short trailer tongue. The roller is a very handy thing and can keep the hook from dancing all over the bow when retrieving.
  5. philSweet
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    I think what he is asking is whether or not he should cut a hole in his pulpit and retrieve the anchor through it. I'd contact the boat builder to get specs on the pulpit first. It might need a LOT of reinforcements to accept a cutout. Can you post pictures and a dimensioned sketch and a layup schedule of the existing pulpit? You may find the factory has a reinforced SS drop-in already designed for a cutout.

    The principal benefit of the cutout is to lessen the chance of snagging the anchor while docking or getting under way. If you trailer the boat, I don't see why this would help you much. Either way, the anchor should be run inboard and stored below when trailering. I've seen what happens when an anchor deploys at 80mph on the interstate and it isn't pretty.

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    Thank you to everyone for the quick replies, I will try to post pictures as soon as I can get access to my boat due to it being in inside storage right now. I have found this site to be an amazing source of information. Thanks again
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