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  1. Stora Pappa
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    Stora Pappa New Member

    For any Bluejacket 24-28ft owners, any comments regarding
    cruising the Inside Passage in a Bluejacket. From what I have
    read sounds like it is as capable if not more so than a C-Dory.
  2. WestVanHan
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    WestVanHan Not a Senior Member

    Well seeing as I have ocean kayaked it (and assume you refer to the power boats I had to google) I think you'll be better off in that than in the single digit hp ancient sailboats that I see chugging along-barely making headway.

    Don't go too fast-whales,orcas,logs,unmarked rocks,etc- and have up to date charts and tidal books..although the tides,rips,and eddies are notoriously fickle.
  3. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    A BlueJacket will do fine, though you'll be frustrated at the speeds you'll be required to maintain along much of the route.
  4. Barry
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    Barry Senior Member

    This is a great trip.
    There are a couple of quite open water areas, the north end of Vancouver Island, to Calvert Island and the run from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan Alaska. Some other big water as well. The passages in Alaska are quite open, and often do not offer a lot of protection so you really have to be weather conscious.
    When you are in the Tracey Arm area, watch for small icebergs, the big ones you can see, but as they get small, they are hard to spot. I think that if you want to go to Glacier Bay, you need a permit.
    The Alaska Ferry runs down Wrangell Narrows. When entering the narrows, try to follow a local boat up as they seem to be aware of the timing of the ferry coming through
    I would not make this trip without radar as fog can be an issue during some parts of the year and a chart plotter is almost a must.
    There are many books written on this trip. Watch for lots of debris in the water especially in the early spring after the winter storms.
    When crossing the international borders, ensure that you have your ownership and registration documents on board. Google Canada Customs to find out the procedure for entering Canada and the US equivalent when reaching Ketchikan.
    Fuel stops north of Vancouver island to Rupert are sparse, not sure of the distance.

  5. Stora Pappa
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    Stora Pappa New Member

    Cruising The Inside Passage

    Many thanks for the positive and useful comments.
    If the Inside Passage was my primary cruising area
    I would probably go for a small trawler. However
    I live in Minnesota and will be trailering my yet to
    be built 28ft Bluejacket on my anticipated cruise of
    a life time.
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