Inshore (Lake) Barge Rull

Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by yanivmass, Jul 14, 2022.

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    Can any one recomand the most sutable one of IACS mambers rull for inshore (lake) barge scantling rull?
    Thank you
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    Re the 'most suitable' set of rules - I think this all depends on what you want from the rules, and how you define 'most suitable'?
    Do you mean the one that is easiest to use, or the one that will give you the lightest scantlings for a given size, or.....?

    What size barge are you designing?

    I saw that you had replied to this thread some years ago re a fish farm barge for Haiti, where you noted that you have designed fish farm barges for the Med - did Mike ever respond to your offer?
    Hybrid Barge Work Boat Haiti

    @TANSL is an authority on class rules on this forum, and I am sure that he might be able to offer some thoughts re what might be the most suitable set of rules?
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    Thank you @bajansailor for your trust in me.
    Yaniv, any Classification Society has regulations applicable to any type of barge. On the other hand, the only thing the IACS asks for is that the regulations of any of the world-recognized CSs be applied.
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