Input from a table of offsets

Discussion in 'Software' started by johnbeavis, Aug 8, 2004.

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    I would like to product hull drawings such as 3d of the hull shape and then export to AutoCad to get line drawings all from a table of offsets.

    What is the most economical and easly to use software?

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    I'm guessing that you want to design your hull, and then bring the lines into autocad to read from autocad your offsets (in order to built sections etc...), or read a printed table of offsets form a hull design software and input this values into autocad, either way....almost any hull design software will output to autocad, usually *.DXF, now about what software, have a look at prosurf, prolines, hullform and Touchcad, Rhino3D, IMO to choose one, it will depends on what you want to do and how far you want to go into detailing what you want to create (besides the fact of the learning curve, of using a new sofwtare).

    the software that i just mentioned, are some that i can afford, and knew that they work, but there is many more high end software available it all depends on your budget.
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    The difficulty with what you request is that there is no standard way of representing a table of offsets. Accordingly, no program can read what it knows nothing about.

    When inputting from a table of offsets, your only hope is to be able to convert the offsets into decimal offsets, unless the offsets are metric, in which case they already are.

    Once you have decimal offsets, you can script the creation of the stations or other foundation curves and use the results to create your surfaces.

    Please note that once the "offsets" are into your program, you are far from finished. In the overall scheme of things, inputting your offsets into the software may take an hour or so, but the fairing could take weeks, depending on your proficiency.

    Short answer: "Can't be done".
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