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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by wayne nicol, Aug 8, 2011.

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    A 40 hp 4-stroke central and a 4-horse hung on off-center transom mount? Fast to get there, then get out the little guy and troll all day on sips of gas, then go home fast. Seems quite a common setup here in NW WA.
  2. wayne nicol
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    wayne nicol Senior Member

    yup thats what we use here bataan. i have a 110 on the powerboat with a 9.9 kicker.
    but i really want this boat to meet all my aesthetic criterea- she gotta look goood!!!
    i really want to stay away from transom mounted ob's- but hey who knows i might have to compromise in this regard too.

    the twin out boards- how will this double size well effect speed and stern bouyancy
    (two fisherman standing in the cockpit) and general sailability. i do like the point about motor sailing!

    will a 4 hp move this boat at a few knots?

    there is so much helpful food for thought here- it really has helped me work through a bunch of things.
    thanks all

    i looked at tads site- i really like the boats and style- skookum boats!!
  3. Tad
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    The owner tells me the 2HP Honda on the stern of the TimberCoast above (actually its the dinghy motor) will push the 4000 pound boat at 4 knots in flat water.

    A single well for the 40HP will be about 16" wide, the 20HP Honda is a bit less than 14" looks like the 20's could be about 16-17" center to center, plus 14" = 30" with for a double well.

    As the sketch shows I would shape this boat more like a performance sailing dinghy than some traditional type. A wide a shallow stern won't lose much buoyancy from the at rest waterline, but the dynamic (underway) loss is a concern. I would fit Bartender type floating plugs behind the motors to make up the buoyancy and fair the bottom.

    I haven't figured out how the interior will work but I guess twin quarter berths are required.

  4. Mild Bill
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    Mild Bill Well, not entirely mild.

    Wayne -

    Just a bit of info at this point since your speculations are heading in a different direction: William and John Atkin stretched Surprise out to 21' 2" and called it Big Surprise. Motor Boating's Ideal Series Vol. 38 has an article and drawings for Big Surprise.
  5. wayne nicol
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    hi Bill
    thanks for the help. and i did happen to get hold of the big surprise study plans from mrs atkin- but it appears to me that all they did was stretch surprise a bit on the length( to my unprofessional eye!!) couldnt see on the study plans if scantlings etc were changed.
    and that was one option for me- to completely redraw surprises hull. and then add the topsides that i wanted.
    but thanks for the link- i will certianally follow it and get more detailed drawings if i can- thanks
  6. Jeremiah Sailer
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    Hello Wayne, my name is Jeremiah Sailer and I happen to have the only Atkins Design "Surprise" that has been built. I would like to purchase the plan because I am in the middle of restoring her, I do have the Book its featured in from the 40's (sailboat and auxiliaries you can build by Motor Boating Vol. 33.).The plan is just really small and the old timer who built the boat has his notes all over it, so its hard to read. I have so many questions and would really like to find some answers from a boat builder, I love sailing and am pretty obsessed with vintage wooden boats. I am a new member and It would be great to chat or even email to find good reference to my boat. feel free to email me at or call 970-290-3811 thank you

  7. DCockey
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    Atkin & Co offers the plans for Surprise for $65.
    Atkin & Co. - Surprise
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