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    For those of you near Hamble,England....

    Innotec Product Presentation
    King & Queen PH Hamble
    Friday 23rd March 3.30

    Guest speaker; Marine Explorer Dom Mee, Fresh from his Atlantic Row sponsored by Innotec

    Boat builders or anyone who uses adhesives, sealants and glues in the marine trade.

    Innotec produce their own products which are ideal for the marine trade, producing results that other brands can not match. They contain no solvents which means they don’t go off in the container and they are also environmentally & user friendly.

    The products will allow you to do a better job and ultimately for a lower cost. An ISO9002 accredited company Innotec has a huge range of products all at competitive prices. They have been established in the automotive industry for nearly twenty years.Based in Salisbury, Wilts so Hamble is local with minimal lead time for delivery.

    Innotec MD; Melanie Murrell invites you to a product demonstration at:
    The King and Queen PH, High St, Hamble-le-Rice
    3.30pm Friday 23rd March 2007

    (So we don’t run out of sandwiches!)


    MS1000 Di-electric spray.

    Adheseal - The incredible sealant which cures underwater.

    Repaplast - Two Pack Plastic Repair Kit.

    Easy Gasket - Liquid Rubber (some say liquid gold)- instant gasket

    Easy Clean - Multi purpose high performance cleaning solution for boat
    interiors and exteriors.

    Total Power Grease - Hi performance aerosol applied grease for anything that needs lubricating!!

    More info:
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