Initial Stability, draft and trim with Maxsurf Stability

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    1. First in the list „What to do” it is necessary to pick “Specified condition” - see Fig 1.
    2. It is necessary indicate Load case - see Fig 2.
    3. Then it is necessary press the button “Specified condition” - see Fig 3.
    4. In the appearing table - see Fig 4, it is necessary make a mark on:
    - Fixed Heel = 0 deg if the chosen Load case does not have asymmetry be relative CL
    - Trim-Free to Trim
    - By the cursor we select “Get Load case Values” and appear Displacement, LCG, TCG and VCG for chosen Load case
    5. It is necessary pick Wave condition. We select "Flat" Waveform - see Fig 5.
    6. We press the button “Start Analysis” - see Fig 6.
    7. Then we press the button “Current Results Window” - see Fig 7.
    8. There is the table with final outputs - see Fig 8.
    9. Sectional Area Curve we can see on Fig 9.
    NA Razmik Baharyan

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