Initial design for a 250Ft Tanker

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by OmarD, Jan 11, 2007.

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    OmarD Mechanical Engineer

    hello friends...
    at first a happy new for all you.!!
    In this new year i must begin to preliminar design for a small tanker, 240ft, 10 cargo tanks, in our small Shipbuilding in Colombia :).
    But is my first desing in a tanker, i must make a prelimiar for piping system of ballast and cargo-oil. Then in this moment i'm collecting all information avalaible posible, valves types, materials, manifolds design, etc.
    If u know where i can found diagramatics drawing (examples) for these systems i n tanker vessels i glad to you.
    any links, pdf, dwg, dxf ;) would be important for me.

    thanks a lot.
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    Gilbert Senior Member

    Hi Omar,
    You should probably get the information from ABS or DNV or whatever is the appropriate agency in your case. Get a copy in your own language to minimize problems with translation etc.
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