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    Hi guys,

    Would just like to get some information from some of the folk here please.

    We planning on doing some infusion with corecell and want to monitor it from both sides.Just out of curiosity has anyone used see through polycarb as a mould before and how would the resin flow along the plastic?

    It would be great to monitor both sides during infusion. We have built epoxy fiberglass molds already and plan on using them, but for future molds what what are some alternatives towards see through style molding for the cores?

    These are small molds such as leaning posts, consoles etc..

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    Walla, we have testing tables with glass tops that we run infusion tests on so you see both sides. Pretty cool stuff! The smaller table in like 2' by 4' with 1/4" glass on top so its pretty rugged. Some epoxy resins will stick to plexi but maybe you could cover it with clear saran wrap or something. If you try the glass trick make sure you use plenty of release wax. we had some infusion resin actually stick to the glass. So much for that piece. I suppose you could build molds out of polycarb or plexi but you might find that after doing a few parts you will know the right feed rate and all. But then again it is fun to the resin flowing in and about. And yes the resin flows very well on the glass, no resistance. Well, hope this info helps...have fun...............................g
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