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    Hello to everyone,
    I'm a new user on this forum, so I first introduce myself! I am a student attempting the master degree in Aeronautic Engineering (Structural department) at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. I'm working on my thesis that is about a 40ft catamaran very similar to the Extreme 40 sailing class: I've already done a first phase of validation and optimization of the structure subjected to the loads of a conventional sail plan, and now my work will continue with the design of a suitable wing sail, beginning from aerodynamic consideration and leading to structural definition and analysis: I will define an aeroelastic model of the structure (probably both analytical and numerical model), to take into account the effect of the deformation while evaluating the aerodynamic loads acting on it.

    For this reason I'm now looking for detailed information about wing sails adopted in the International C-Class Catamaran Championship or in other competitions in order to make a database that will be the starting point of my study. The data I'm looking for are:

    - geometric definition of the planform (surface area, height, chord distribution, weight of the wing, …)
    - profiles adopted (number of flap in chord and number of section along the wing span)
    - characteristic of the boat (catamaran/trimaran, length, beam, weight, number of crew, …)
    - performance of the boat (downwind and upwind speed, max speed, …)
    - any other useful data or consideration about wing sails …..

    I know that these kind of information are strictly reserved, but I'm not looking for the latest projects, I will appreciate as well particulars of old projects from past years.

    Thanks in advance to everyone can help me
    Andrea Campiglio
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    Join Sailing Anarchy and post your request in the Multihull Anarchy forum. Before you do post, I'd read through the relevant threads on this topic and only after reading through what is there post questions not already answered.

    Folks there friendly, expect a little bad behavior on your first post (they might ask to see a pretty personal photo of your girl friend - it is a tradition). All the major players in the C Class are present there, and have a history of full disclosure and openness.

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