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Discussion in 'Education' started by ussnautilus, May 7, 2005.

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    ussnautilus New Member

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum, but I have been a visitor for quite some time reading and gathering all information about boat designing and several other valuable topics you guys discuss. I have enriched myself with the threads that fly here and thank you to all the people that contribute here.

    OK now that I have stepped in and am interested in Yacht designing I am looking at pursuing some distance learning courses. Yes, I have read all the threads relating them (arguments, reasons, popular) about the schools in the threads, but I still do have a question (inpite of exhausting myself reading all threads). I have found Westlawn and the Master's Degree in Yacht Design at Centro Sperimentale Di Design Di Ancona as my final list to join a distance learning program. I have ruled out YDS.

    My question therefore is how do these two progams compare? (forgive me if this has been asked before..but your opinions matter) From one thread I picked the latter course from Anocona has a distance learning progam in English and is cheaper - costs about 4900 Euro. Please help..this information might be useful to many.

    thanks a lot,
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    Geert-Jan Geert-Jan

    Master of Motor Yacht Design, Westlawn

    The Ancona program is under construction, in may 2005 they did not have an estimated starting date.
    If I understood correct, you need to have a degree in nautical engineering to start with the Masters course in Ancona. If you don't have a nautical engineering degree, you have to follow another course first. I do not know the prerequisits for this primer course.

    I just started Westlawns Yacht Design Lite. I am now halfway, and I like the course very much.

    I hope this helps, Geert-Jan
  3. ussnautilus
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    ussnautilus New Member


    Thanks Geert-Jan.

    What's your recommendation on WestLawn? Also wanted to ask you a question relating the following:

    I have found some course materials available on MIT's OCW and Naval Architecture courses from Sweden's NA college. Do you think I should do these courses on my own along with a Westlawn diploma in YD program. Will it make my base stronger?
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