Information needed please! 1948 Sparksman Stevens all wood Sailboat

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Jenna, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Jenna
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    Jenna New Member

    My parents bought a house and with the house came a 1948 Sparksman Stevens all wood 34ft sailboat. Honeslty we know nothing about sailboats and just want to get rid of it. The owner had bought it for her boyfriend that restored old sailboats than they broke up and she sold the house and had no place to take the huge boat so she gave us the title because she didn't want to find a place to store it. Anyhow im looking for any kind of information about this boat. Really just maybe some sort of price range since im putting it up for sale and just want it out of my yard. I think its in great condition for its age,but again i know nothing about boats and im just going to hang up flyers and have people out and take the best offer. Any sort of info would be greatly apprectied.
    Thank you
  2. usa2
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    usa2 Senior Member

    Does it have a name?
  3. Eric Sponberg
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    Contact Sparkman and Stephens in New York City at 529 Fifth Ave, New York, NY, 10017, Tel: (212) 661-1240. They have both a brokerage as well as the design office. They would be able to tell you more information about the boat if you can give them the name (if it has not changed) and any other information that might be with the boat or its papers. They can also advise you on the worth of the boat and broker it for you.

    Good luck,

  4. Redsky
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    Redsky Senior Member

    i know this there is a sparkman & stevens center cockpit wood sloop, 3 time mackinal cup winner,Taltohna out here for sale so i presume its a racing sloop of some kind and has a name on the title or something which should give it some kind of trackable history...but who built the design is almost as important as the designer i think. sheesh and they have a 5th ave Ny office, saw this after i posted the first part, i gues that makess things pretty easy
  5. captmarge2
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    I owned Taltohna from 1974 to 1978. She was designed by Sparkman & Stevens, and built by Palmer Johnson, and launched in 1947. She is 45 ft on deck, but 53 ft overall. She won the Chicago Mackinac 3 times, and the Huron Mackinac once when she was 11 years old. Bud Tolman changed her sail plan several times, in keeping with the rules of the day. More info? Read Yachting magazines. I think 1939 had the first article about her plans. Then WWII created quite a delay. If you own her, you have quite a lady there. Enjoy, Marge
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  6. longliner45
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    can you show some picture? I may be interested in the boat ,please pm me ,,im in ohio ,,longliner
  7. Gypsie
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    Gypsie Randall Future by Design

    Mate, you have yourself one of most beautiful sailboats around. Maybe it was meant to happen that you came accross this gem, ever thought about taking up sailing???
  8. Joe McHugh
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    Joe McHugh New Member

    looking for some information on the Taltohna

    Do you have any idea of her specs? I'm thinking of restoring her, she is in pretty rough shape. Do you know the weight of the keel or could you point me in a direction where I might be able to research? Thank you.

  9. saltydog123
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    It is really, really hard to put a value on the boat you have described without muvh more information. Old wood boats left out of the water for any time can have substantial problems, as, water tends to act as a "sealent" below decks.

    Just a few items would be does she have any sails? An engine? How much restoration is left to be done? Is she seaworthy? Ane, about 100 more questions, too.

    What I would do is hire a marine surveyer that knows wooden boats and have them give you an assessment of the boats value for insurance purposes to get started...
  10. taltohna
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    taltohna New Member

    I own the taltohna she needs to be retored. The hull is o.k. Cabins need rebuilding. I would like to sell her to someone that would restore her to her original beauty.
  11. braunschweiger
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    I had the pleasure of sailing with Bud Tolman on Taltohna in the early 50's. I also worked for United Conveyor for one summer, in the blueprint room; I think 1953.
  12. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    Where in Michigan is the boat?

  13. kenJ
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