Inexpensive Plywood Design Software???

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by James Mills, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. James Mills
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    James Mills Junior Member

    There used to be PlyBoats by Ray Clark. It is my understanding it won't work in anything later than Windows 98. Is theres something else out there that will design hulls in developable surfaces that is inexpensive and will run in Windows XP??

    James Mills
  2. kengrome
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    kengrome Senior Member

    Free!Ship ... and yes, it is free.
  3. lewisboats
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    you can run plyboats in XP...just put the folder on the root of C: then double click on PB. If that doesn't work...(disregard the next if you are an old dos-er) open a dos window by going to start/run/ and typing in Command (enter). Type cd\ (enter) then cd plyboats (enter) then type pb (enter)... you are running plyboats. To print from the software with a usb printer...go to the Plyboats site and click on the link that explains how to do it. As far as Freeship need to be careful about your drawing as it will cheerfully do whatever you want then when you check is far from it. It is a very good program...but you need to know how to use it and the curve can be a bit steep. Carleson's Hulls (free) is also a great program and Freeship imports the files so you can tack on other stuff and see the hydronamics of the hull you created.

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