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Discussion in 'Software' started by 9609, Feb 19, 2004.

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    I am a high school student persueing naval archetecture. I am looking into buying inexpensive software (up to around $500) for sailing yacht design for boats upto around 100 feet. What is the industry's standerd software? I currently have autocad R14 but I am willing to buy a student version of rhino.
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    The student package for Rhino/Flamingo is a really good deal and a great start. You can develop hulls in there, but professionals prefer more specialized software (that does things parametrically and includes hydrostatics). To generate 2D drawings, most people are still exporting to AutoCAD or similar.

    Go to the Software forum and you will quickly see that there are several combinations out there being used. But don't forget that the software does not design the boat- you do. Sometimes it's easy to let the software direct the design, which you should not allow. Don't be afraid to get out a pencil!
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    Dear 9609
    Have a look at these posts
    Maybe good to wait a little long.
    I don't know alot about the pricing of Rhino but you maybe able to get rhino and a hydrostatic or VPP plug in at you price range.

    Below is the price of autoCAD 2004 (sorry it in £ and Euro's, it from
    AutoCAD 2004 Student Version £114.95 / 171,08 EUR Incl. VAT

    Think Solidworks do good student deals if you want to learn a top end CAD package. I think in the US these is also a system where out of work engineers can get a personel copy for free (or small fee) that works on a sort of extra long demo period. may be over three months.
    You could get a high student verison of a CAD package for around $500 if you spend the time looking.

    Here a link to a autoship press release on this site.

    Basicly, the old posts in the forum will give you lots of points of views.
    Happy reading.


  4. 9609
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    Thanks for your input. I am also looking for interur modeling; so rhino/flemingo + an addon might be just the right thing. :D
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