Industrial Designers in Yacht Design depts.?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by alexandros, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I am about start all this job hunting process as i am finishing my grad. school. I have a background in industrial design (MA in design) and in strategic product design (Msc in spd - which is more business oriented and deals with product innovation and how design can facilitate the innovative side of a corporation). I do not have a formal education in Yacht Design, however my graduation project that i am about to complete is dealing with the design of a wooden boat and the business strategy the shipyard should follow in order to commercialize the yacht.

    I would be really interested to work for some time in one of the big shipyards like Ferretti Group, Azimut, Wally, Perini Navi and i wonder if these shipyards do have an in-house design department or if they outsource everything to architects, designers etc outside their business. I am not talking about naval archotects as this is the more engineering field and i do not have the necessary education for this part.

    Do you happen to know if these shipyards employ also indutrial designers or their design department are their naval architects?

    Unfortunately through their web-sites and the internet i did not manage to get this kind of information and this forum i guess is the most appropriate to addresss this issues...

    Thank you in advance for your input :)
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