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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by pkoken, Jan 6, 2005.

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  1. member 10795
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    member 10795 Sensei

    More posts from the village idiot. And he still won't admit that he was banned.

    Frank, thank you for proving my statements that your knowledge is small, and usually wrong. And that you are a detrement to the Macgregor community (yes, I feel sorry for them because of Frank). Every time you post you prove it.

    Any Republican would *LOVE* what you are doing. It's the Democrats (just like the Macgregor community) who would like you to go away.
  2. mighetto
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    mighetto New Member

    Shife, when I stop posting the Sudie Parker supporters start picking on others. Others who eventually join the sad group of robot thinkers who try to fit in by not even thinking differently let alone speaking out. So you fess up. Are you connected to Sudie Parker or in any way. Do note I am serious about running for US Sailing and SSSS offices as a write in candidate. The laughing stocks of the sailing community have always been the big boat owners owing to their poorly designed craft which literaly are thought of as burdons on their clubs and marinas and whoes best possible use is as breakwaters.

    Now tell me this isn't fun.:) Lets check out Sudie's web site now eh?
  3. mighetto
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    mighetto New Member

    What. AFAIK the MacGegor community is pleased with my brave battle. You know I recently posted there do you not. The Democrats and the Republicans suffer both the same way. They are two heads of the same snake controlled by the Skull and Bones who enjoy splitting up the masses. Do try to see this. We are all brothers even when wrong. It is our country, the USA. It is our town, Seattle ,that is paying for the close minded win-at-any cost mentality of the bonesmen. Am I still invited to the Transpac Holloween Party?

    Larry may be apologizing for having his builds done close to Seattle, a town he associates with Microsoft, cheating, and Bill Gates. What was that great quote? Something like – it is just like Bill Gates to cheat by design because the penalty never exceeds the reward. Only Bill Gates had nothing to do with the AC. That was Paul Allen. Sigh. Allen would have been great for the sport. I doubt he is interested any more. In any case, as our newsletter points out, often the penalty for cheating is to withdraw from competition completely. We will see more of that in the sport I think.
  4. Shife
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    Shife Anarchist

    Yep, you got me frank. I fly over from MI every weekend and hang out with Sudie to plot new ways to screw with your head. Your jealousy of her is amazing. Simply amazing. Post proof that you were not banned from SA. We don't care about your conspiracy theories. We just want you to admit that you are a liar.
  5. sorenfdk
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    sorenfdk Yacht Designer

    Oh no! Why me? I do not deserve this!

    But Frank, since you seem to posess all the knowledge of the world of boat design, please do tell us about the AC boats of the King of Spain and the King of Norway...
  6. mighetto
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    mighetto New Member

    Jim the radar on Murrelet is used to calculate who we are catching and who we are being caught by. It is a great trick learned from the crew of Koosah. However, it is also removable gear. The notion of a cruiser racer is not a new one. IBM has a long history of promoting this kind of racer and in fact the Cal 40 is the great example. Naturally IBM is represented in US Sailing. In fact the president is from IBM. I want you to see that technology is now a big part of the sport so lets chat design shall we?

    page 40 of Seahorse. “non-linear stability is a key additional target”. Ingo Raasch is chatting about stiffness achieved with minimum weight. Composit technology used to make aircraft hulls. But Micky Ickert is talking about vertical battens on Genoas – like the ones on my new sail and sail vision systems like you would have on a robot boat. This fellow named Frank chats about the Wolfson Unit in Southhampton as being the ‘standard’ for small model sailing yacht tests. This is the same unit that came up with LPS and the Teeter Principles. We need to get beyond that. Did you all know that the first American racing machine had off centerline foils. The Church of FOYD is now open. Let us sing Ave Maria and be sure to discuss her build later.

    Page 36 chats about full size tests in real water and real wind. Bethwaite Design. You have to love them. The Tasar simulator was built to help folks like those at Footloose sail. You do the work outs on simulators just like aspiring pilots do for aircrafts. Even capsize is simulated. What Common Sense the Bethwaites have. How does it make sense to put the novices on big boats. There is none. It is harm.

    Kahn, Software mogol responsible for Borland International, of course was one of the first to purchase a Bethwaite simulator which costs about as much as Flying Tiger. And yes there is a tie to the big dinghy’s we call AC boats. Jonathan Binns is presently seconded to the BMW Oracle Americas Cup camp. The simulator itself is a neural network – or at least developed by scientists of that camp.

    See the future. The future of yacht design is in these simulators. You can expect Larry to use the simulators to test his virgins just as Kahn currently is doing. The rise of the American Sailor and the Rise of the American Programmer are at hand

    Frank L. Mighetto, CCP
    Institute For Certification of Computing Professionals

  7. Jim Hauser
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    Jim Hauser Junior Member

    That's what I like. Sitting in a simulator pretending to sail. That may be the future of ****** like you migghie but the rest of us prefer to get out and live. Simulators have a place as tools, but they do not replace the actual act itself.

    Some virtual pilot can fly his simulator all day but it doesn't get me home to my wife at night.
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