Inboard leeboards?

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    there a Wooden Boat magazine article I know of from years back about two different pivoting dagger boards .

    one was just to move the centre of lateral resistance? around when tacking? (can you tell i'm not a sailor)

    the other, was for if you hit something and would let the dagger board pivot in the slot/trunk towards the stern...

    picture a regular dagger board but the top half was a radiused starting up at the upper stern corner of the board and curving down to the front of the boar with the radius ending approx. at the garboard/keel line....

    the dagger board cap had a similar radius... but there is just enough of a gap for a length of stretch cord to run between both the cap and the dagger board .

    one end of stretch cord is expoxied/ screwed to the dagger board part way down the radius
    the other end came out of a slot at the back of the trunk then over a sheeve/pully wheel on the back end of the trunk (chaf protection) ,
    then down to a hook on the back side of the truck, the tension in the stretch cord kept the dagger board pivoted forward in the regular orientation....

    if you sailed into and obstacle, the radius in the top part of the dagger board allows it to pivot backwards... and the cord pulls in back into position afterwards

    though I think they said you might have to take the side force off the dagger board by altering course that the cord could overcome the friction/side loading within the slot and pull it back into position....

    Dagger board was also made of wood which prevented it from just sinking out of the slot.

    WoodenBoat magazine has a back issue index... and sells back issues pretty cheap. pdf or hard copy article has actual pics of what i'm describing here
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