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    Sorry, I felt this has to be shared, was stolen somewhere from the web and found it among my files. Ignore details. :eek:

    Edit: Please remove or move to a proper location.

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    You should post this on the Random Pictures thread.

    Que grande onda!
  3. mark775

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    For Sale
    Boat. Must sell, captain has change of plans. Ready to fish, Coast Guard Inpected for 14 passengers and two crew. Stability test for twenty two on exposed waters. All necessary equipment, documentation, limited entry permit. Everything having anything to do with the ocean included. Best Offer. Consider trade for land out of sight of ocean. Contact Mark C/O Prairie View Psychiatric hospital, Newton, KS. (I am on my way there as soon as I change undergarments).
  4. Boston

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    definitely belong on the random picture thread

    great shot
    makes me think twice about this whole ocean thing
  5. zeroname
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    ah.. cant stop saying "awesome !"

  6. apex1

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    Impressive picture indeed.

    Well, so is life.......sometimes you are on top... and then.........

    I would like to bring up this again to your attention:

    force ten in the North Sea!

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