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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by caddesign, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. caddesign
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    caddesign New Member

    I have a project IMP and need to identify make.
    Comments on this model for ocean use.
    Thanks for help. Steve

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  2. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Welcome to the forum Steve.

    Without better views of the hull and general dimensions, it's tough to say, but honestly, she looks to be a semi protected waters type of boat, not open water. Open water boats typically are stouter, have self draining cockpits, and several other features, none of which this old gal appears to enjoy. Simply put, she looks to be a puddle jumper.

    You may want to try > < for more information on Imp boats.
  3. edjunior
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    Hi Steve. Not sure what model yours is. Did you get the title with it. If you looked a little further down, there is this thread that has lots of IMP boat information.

    If you post up down there, you'll likely get more responses since people are probably subscribed to that one. IMP boats in general are pretty good boats, very well made. Made for ocean use is an interesting statement. It could be used in the ocean, but I don't think I would take it to the Bahamas or anything. But like PAR said, we need some more info. There should be a HIN number on the right rear of the boat. You may be able to find out more from that number.
  4. LoveThoseTwins
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    LoveThoseTwins New Member

    Anyone have information, or brochure/OM for an IMP Kansa? 27', twin 350s?
  5. IMP-ish
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    IMP-ish powerboater

    Try going thru craig's list for Kansa 27's. One of the owners will have stashed away a brochure for it and will make you a copy for a couple bucks even if it's like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  6. 805gregg
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    805gregg Junior Member

    I had a 20' IMP, great boat, built like a battleship, transom was over 2" thick. I took mine 20 miles out to the Channel Islands across the Santa Barbara Channel many times. You can take that boat anywhere you want. IMP's were used by the Coast Guard.

  7. pdave1s
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    Your boat is one of the rarest early 70's Inca Imp made, it was a custom factory order. It is the hardtop model cuddy cabin, with Cabtop windshield, and rear of the cabin helm station. There are not many of these out there. Oddest of all, I just aquired the same model today, in fair condition, but with no powertrain, or cushions. good news on mine is there is no rot that can be found. It was originaly powererd by a volvo-penta power train. which had been removed. I have a complete OMC 235 hp drive system with a ford 351 windsor engine that has been completely rebuilt, and a 235 geared electric shift outdrive That also has been completely rebuilt, and plan to redo the transom to accomadate The OMC powertrain. I have 2 exhaust ports on the transom, and a cooling water intake on the bottom of the hull to remove, and fill in. Who ever originaly ordered it had a lot of extra features including a through hull transducer, 2 tansom mount transducer, 2 speed sensors, and a water column temperature sensor. It is also outfitted with vhf marine radio anttena, cb antenna, cabtop electronic controlled flood and spot searchlight. The first owner added all the options possible! I expect to take 2 yrs to fully restore it, but it is the dream boat of my life. he also went all out on the custom trailer, with elecric winch, and full bow and side walkways. The boat also came with an electric anchor winch, and shore power connections. The best part of all was the price, Traded a caulkins 16' single axle trailer strait trade with our local flagship marine shop, where it has been sitting for 5 years, and unpaid for storage for this entire time. My first IMP was a 20' aztec, that after a years work, the deal went south, and i have been looking for another ever since. When i had the aztec, i formed a website, the site was thriving, when I suffered a heart attack, and missed the domain name renewal date by one day, just what Tom from was waiting for, he transferred the sire into his name, chagred memberships, and used that money to open a bar in seattle wahington and then gave up on the site, and sold the domain name to where the site was hacked, and died a miseable death. most of the people in the imp boat thread on this site, were members and we had a ton of information about IMP. At This time I am financially unable to restart the site, and I wont pay godaddy what they want for original domain name, but it will be simular. I do hold the domain name diyboatrepair, and as soon as I get in a little better finacial status I plan to get hosting for both, and a new imboatclub site. I still have a lot of old backups, brochures, and technical specs. There will be more to come, including pics of my Inca, repair pics, and a good forum. Welcome to the ranks of IMP owners, and I think you will be very happpy with your boat.

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