I'm to design a canal cruiser that can handle high seas...

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by solitaire, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Frosty

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    Wow Emerson you really like to tell people what to do don't you.

    What was the point of that post. Contributive ? you think.

    Let me just explain something to you , this is a world wide forum . People from all walks of life can contribute. It is very likely due to culture or just global situation or lifes experience that you may not agree.

    At a mere 18 posts do you think it appropriate to give orders, or to even posts your little likes or dislikes.
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    OK guys, let's try to keep the thread on topic, or at least sharing ideas somewhat related to the topic. If anyone wants to fight with someone for the sake of fighting, please take it to email or facebook or somewhere else instead. Thanks.
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    pistnbroke I try

    Wrong again Frosty
    "Uk canals do not connect between lakes rivers and seas."

    Oh yes they do Thames ..Severn.. Avon .. Norfolk Broads to spell just few ..

    Frosty is just a Troll ..likes to wind everyone up ...
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  4. Frosty

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    Cheers mate, would have never put you down as a backstabber , but never mind

    Cheers mate

    Im sure that you will actually be able to name these canals.
  5. Emerson White
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    The names of the canals in the UK do not matter. The fact that bigger boats of various sorts do cruise them (as zoo mentioned) kinda does. I suggested that you take personal business to PMs, just like the moderator did. Please stay on subject!
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    Should we assume that the OP knows where he wants to cruise and that since he put some widths of some areas, that we might consider those widths for his requirements? I'd think so, id someone says they want to go through a canal XX meters wide, who am I to twll him he is wrong????? :D

    I do know sailboats don't sail in reverse very well, i'd hate to get 15 mile in and find I can't turn around due to a low bridge....lol
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    I think sailboats that use canals have a system of lowering and raising the mast that makes it very simple and quick, not too much more complicated or time consuming than anchoring.

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