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    Leanred a Valuable Lesson

    I learned a valuable lesson today about boat building.

    Once, when I was nearly done high school, I was working for my uncle's company during summer break. I was digging a ditch (literally) for a sprinkler system on a lawn. My uncle stopped by and asked me something or other. I answered starting with, "... I think"

    He abruptly cut me off and yelled, "I don't pay you to think!"

    I was really angry.

    When I went to college, I ended up majoring in Physics and minoring in Computer Science. I spent my whole career (until boats) thinking.

    Building this boat, I realized that I was over thinking my problem here. Just cut the damn foam and get it up! It doesn't matter how you do it, just get to work!

    Where is my uncle now? I could have used him! :)

    Here is today's progress. Got the bow completely foamed in and the stern completely foamed in. This is going to be one of the hull halves where the bridgedeck connects, so I'm nearly done the hull and topsides and it's going to be time to glass in a day or two!


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    Looks good Cat, I would still nail a piece of 2"x2" batten on your frame,s at the curve, not much work in it .

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    Yep. It's marked for the next hull half. I'll have a batten there to pick up the new foam.

    There wasn't anything out more than 2-3mm though. Most of it lined up perfectly, until back by the stern.

    I'll have new battens where my short foam pieces fall on the next hull - which will be one of the ones on the outboard side of the boat, so it has to come out perfectly for that shiny paint! :)
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