iges trimmed surface problem in maxsurf

Discussion in 'Software' started by hasicktear, Jun 6, 2005.

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    Andrew Mason Senior Member

    We have recently added trimmed surface import to Maxsurf so that it will be able to read trimmed surfaces from Rhino as well as export them. This will be available in Maxsurf version 12 which we expect to release in late March.

    Hasicktear, your Gaussian curvature plot looks pretty good, I would be inclined to investigate the small area of red near the sheerline forward of the stern, and also just under the sheerline forward. It may be worth displaying both longitudinal and transverse curvature renserings to see if you can pick up any unwanted ripples in the shape.



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    i love that news, great! The proplem is converting to trimmed into untrimmed but you solved this problem supporting the trimmed faces.

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