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Discussion in 'Software' started by matled, Sep 3, 2003.

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    I'm developing an optimization procedure for the design of an IMS boat. I'm using a program that automatically generates and exports IGES files, but I need a .OFF file on order to use it on the IMS VPP. IS there o software that makes the conversion from IGES to .OFF?

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    IGES to .OFF

    Just read this old post
    Here a few ideas

    HydroLink - Part of the Maxsurf range will take in a iges and output a .off

    Have done it myself due in my degree into the WinDesign VPP software.
    Look under the software session of www.boatdesign.net/net

    Other companies with software that might do it are
    AeroHydro Inc
    Wolfson Unit at Southampton University in the UK

    Hope this helps
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    Sounds like an interesting project. What are you planning to optimise and how are you planning to do it?

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    Project was for my final year in uni
    Design was for a IRM 45ft using the IC 45 as a base boat.
    Basicly l model the IC as best l could and used it to race my design models.
    Used to VPP outputs, Time of 1nm, Time of 1nm windward/leeward course etc etc, and then applied the IRM rating to see which models were faster or slower then the IC 45.
    Had pages and pages of spreadsheets showing performace changes to changes of rig, beam, length, sail area change.
    Wanted to get a design that would beat the IC45 at least 60% of the time over a range of condition.
    Was designing for inshore condition mostly. Very hard to get a fast off AND inshore boat. Anyway, 70% of IRM/IRC racing is inshore really.
    Also was using the Delft series for resistance and LCB, Cp optimising.
    Didn't really work that well and had to rush the work in the end.
    Now work designing RIBs. Seem to be better at it then designing race boats!

    Thanks for your intreset

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