Idiot posts cluttering up the forum

Discussion in 'Forum Questions and Suggestions' started by tansails, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Ari
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    Ari Patience s/o Genius

    Willallison your motion seconded.Thank you Jeff.
  2. trouty

    trouty Guest


    Sheesh I thought for a minute he was talking about me! :rolleyes:

    Re Almost a thousand posts!

    Phew - thats a relief, I reckon theres only room for one idiot around here!:p

    I have met the enemy, and he is us! ;)

  3. safewalrus
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    safewalrus Ancient Marriner

    Ari thanks for your comments mate, we're not all budding genius's who want to talk maths all day! I believe that a lot of people need to be reminded where the ground is and keep thier feet on it!

    I too have my doubts about the boat building at 12 forum, I even queried it! at one stage. I still do I get my sarcastic streak posibly due to a military career (you get like that after suffering fools) also an even longer career at sea tens to make me a little leery of a lot of comments until the writer proves he's a proffessional seafarer (or has been!) finally as a Health and Safety Advisor I know the world is full of idiots!

    Mr Tanbark or whatever he's calling himself (whats in a name?) seems to be the very person that he's in the process of slagging off - I'd like to give an apolligy but really I don't give a damn (as you see I can't even spell it). I've met some great guys through this forum - Bergalia, Ari, Longliner, Bolton, Welly, Trouty even Gilly spring to mind immediately (there are many others sorry for not mentioning you)but the time has come to move on! been great fella's, may look in occasionally. Thanks go especially to Jeff for tolerating me, cheers!:rolleyes: :p :D
  4. tansails
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    tansails Junior Member

    Why pick a boat design forum to be the clown in? The Forum has changed very much since the idiot posters appeared, In the past there was only one Mr Herron but he is a boat builder and has much to offer.

    In the case of the "entertainers" we do not need them if they are rude people who often know nothing about the forum subject.

    You are rude to people enquiring about design and building like Mr westergard who gave up in disgust, you are rude to people because they are American.

    Can you give but one example where you actually contributed to a design thread with something to say rather than a idiot post ?

    You and others could still remain "Characters" in the forum but you could post less and be more thoughtfull of wrecking otherwise good threads for a simple posting score count.

    You say
    [.....Mr Tanbark or whatever he's calling himself (whats in a name?) seems to be the very person that he's in the process of slagging off....]

    Please explain how is it that my concerns for the forum make me just like you ?
    I am not making an idiot post here just lamenting that the forum is cluttered.
  5. Skippy
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    Skippy Senior Member

    He was. :)
  6. tonydignity
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    tonydignity Junior Member

    I am not quite sure if I am following this thread entirely, it seems that a 12 yr old has an imaginative idea,and is that where all boat design begins !!!.Unless I am wrong every succesful design must begin with a purpose?,then comes the boring yet ultimately fulfilling bit of taking a cencept and turning it into reality.
    There seems nothing inapropriate with our 12 yr old's idea's,in fact It has set many minds to the task including my own addled grey matter.
    As to setting out our own political stall on a forum about boats,It has always been those who shout loudest ?. Most men have time to encourage the young. They are the arrows of the future,The more supple the bow ,the further the arrow will fly.
    Its for each to decide, will you be a bowman,or a target.
  7. Bergalia
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    Bergalia Senior Member

    Tanbark, I believe, Walrus old chum, is a rather bitter and noxious substance used in the treatment of rotting hides. Perhaps he mistook this forum for the 'Leatherwear Weekly...' :)
  8. kach22i
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    kach22i Architect

    Where is Wellydeckhand when you need him, this thread is getting too serious.;)
  9. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Good sentiments. I agree.
    I second that motion!
  10. boltonprofiles
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    boltonprofiles Senior Member

    Too serious for me, but I will speak to you anytime Walrus.....................
  11. Bergalia
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    Bergalia Senior Member

    Grief Paul, you've really reached the bottom of the barrel...:D :D :D
  12. Wellydeckhand

    Wellydeckhand Previous Member

    Dear Forum expert,

    I called your all expert because u all design dream ship and maybe boat that our part of the world never intended to sail or ride....... We understand the marvel of human enginuity and lust for greater thing. Enstien is stupid till he was 16, almost did not survive as fellow scientist, so if he live in our modern age forum world, he should be a55 kicked back to jerusalem because he did not contribute earlier?

    Come on, we as individual would like to give something to the forum but some of us are limited with what the guys scrolling are lookin.......

    As for myself, i do draw but on paper not on fancy program, that because i do not have the previliges of studying in a modern boat design school...... think of it there is not yet one well acknowlegded in Indonesia........

    Yes, likem your post on NIRWANA did make me high and wanted to design a perfect floating object....... but too young to be posted.

    We all come here in a common cause, not forced or restricted to the boundries of design........ some good at floating the ship like sailor, some good at drawing on paper like 8knots, some know scientific knowhow, some form government bodies watching and learning without posting their private opinions........ Yes, we may sound crab but this forum present a new age babilion for us in Asia, We do not contempt to be enemies of copycat of your design but would someday contribute as equal peer in this forum.

    Walrus is cute, but his experience in debate could spark some flashback that trigger some to challange their way of thinking.

    Yes , we grow old one day and this forum does not mean anything anymore, when we go kickin the bucket at least we are proud we did some design and float something in the proses. This forum would outlast some of us, and we could make it more International by slowly contributing it.

    To some I say sorry because of advancement your all may not want to see what other side of the world become better, design is a weird thing, it grows on everybody, it derive from our culture background and way of livin. We a small part of the forum may not be that smart, but u need the stupid people to prove u are clever and right.

    Thanks for reading my junk mail with no content again.

    I reply to this forum 2 weeks late because my office computer cant access to this forum anymore....... Wonder why....... but u all are great but fun...... like great seaman........... sometime...:)

    The world are watchin stay cool ok.......

    Wellythe rubbishGuy

  13. tonydignity
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    tonydignity Junior Member

    Boat and Borneo

    Thank you kind friend, for your most interesting letter.It brought back memories of my own time in Borneo 1963 to 1965.
    I was stationed in Sarawak,and operated on foot from the drop off point to go in to the jungle from semangang,or up the rivers to the Eban,and Dyak Longhouses by 17ft Raider assualt craft.and lived much of the time when not on patrol in Kuching.
    I had my very first marine ply ski boat built there and when possible, I would sail down to Santubong to the sea.
    I went out to Turtle island many times to dive on the reef,and although it was a time of conflict,I have intensely happy memories of my time in Borneo.
    After it was all over I managed to get a helicopter to pick up the boat and set it on the Commando Carrier HMS Bulwark ,who very kindly delivered it to Singapore,where i used it from the Ong Say Chor Boatel ?.untill I got shot in the riots of 65/66 .
    I tell you this story because it was a time when I fell in love with the rivers ,the sea ,with boats and ultimately boat building.all in your vibrant wild and beautiful island of Borneo.
    Thank you again for your letter.
  14. Guillermo
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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    Well, it seems that lately the idiot posts are concentrating exactly where they should have always been in these forums....: Community Forum. A relief for the rest of them.
  15. RHough
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    RHough Retro Dude

    The radio and television is cluttered too. No one forces you to listen to or watch every channel.

    If Howard Stern offends you, don't listen to him. If nekkid girls offend you, don't watch the Superbowl or the Playboy Channel. How tough is that?

    Typical "American", too thin skinned to take some ribbing :) Too weak to ignore threads or posts that they don't want to read and rather than suck it up, they start a whole idiot thread (not just one idiot post) to complain about what they think is clutter. How self centred can you get?

    Here's a hint ... Click on UserCP ... click on Buddy/Ignore List ...

    Of course you should also make a point of telling the forum that you are going to ignore someone, after all they wouldn't know to have their feelings hurt if you don't tell them you are going to ignore them. There will be nothing even slightly ironic about cluttering the forum with a post to announce that someone has made your ignore list for cluttering up the forum. ;)
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