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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Tony Y, Dec 4, 2016.

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    I have been trying to figure out the application for this 43' steel hull. I'm looking for a project boat to finish and this hull has come available, It has an upper structure that was added recently but the owner has no drawings or specs for the hull. It's looks like a medium displacement fishing or work boat design to me, but I am not trained in the finer points of hull design. The owner has reason to believe that the cruise speed is 7-8 kts and max hull speed is 13 kts. I take that to mean it is semi-displacement. I know, some will say turn and run from this but I think it's still worth a look. Yes, it's a big project, I get it.
    I enjoy reading this forum and appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

    43 tug hull.jpg

    all 068.jpg

    all 080.jpg
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Unless you have a great deal of big metal boat building under your belt, run. This said, I doubt she'll do much better than 10 MPH, though given enough power you could get past this, though it'll need a considerable amount more (order of magnitude more power). I say this with limited view of the hull shapes and projected power installed. That looks to be an 8 knot max boat, frankly, again with much less than an atomic reactor spinning the wheel.
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    Thanks for the response PAR. I think you're most likely right. For comparison, the Selene 43 spec sheet shows 56,000 lbs displacement and a top speed of 10 knots. My untrained eye sees siimilarities in the hull shape and the owner has been advised of a 60,000 lb displacement for this hull when complete. This advice comes from the marine supply and engineering firm that supplied the engine, transmission and prop.The engine in the Selene is 210 hp and this project boat has the same engine but with a turbo and is rated at 330 hp. The extra 120 hp might make a knot or two if it's propped right is my guess. I know it's hearsay at this point, no real specs to go by but that's why I'm posting here. I'm going to look at it in person soon and will take photos from different angles.
    Once again, thanks.
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    60,000 lbs is a lot for a 43 foot boat for gawd's sake, they never skimped on metal !
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  6. Tony Y
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    Old Workboat

    I had a look at this in person and it is rough. The hull looks like it had a long service life as a workboat in a heavy industrial setting. I still don't know what the original application was but is has been patched with small steel plates in many locations and the weld quality is poor. Although it may be watertight, obviously cosmetics were not a concern. An old extra heavy workboat hull that should probably be sold for scrap. It reminds of some of the old logging jobs I worked on. Everything was big and ugly and overbuilt. See the attached photos.

    Tony Y

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