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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by mckayro, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Hi everyone. I am not an expert in sailboat design, so please forgive lapses in terminology. Please help me identify the sailboat hull to which this rigging belongs. Alternatively, please suggest wood boat designs that could be built/retrofitted to use the rigging and keel/rudder.

    (pictures and drawing of the rigging is attached below.)

    What I know:
    - The hull is gone ( cut up for scrap 20 years ago)
    - I did get my eyes on it then. I have found no pictures though.
    - Wooden sailboat, strip planking
    - Older than 1970, probably older than 1950-60
    - Mast is about 28 1/2', wood, and keel stepped, flexes a lot
    - Boom is about 12 1/2', wood
    - Wooden spinnaker pole (I'm not sure about that, see the images)
    - Appears to have been 3/4 fractional rigged, with jumper stays
    - guessing about 144 sqft main, 50-70 sqft jib?, 190-215 sqft sail area?
    - Iron plate swing keel, guessing about 75-100 lbs (I can lift it, haven't weighed)
    - Iron plate rudder
    - I'm guessing 18-22' LOA, but that's a guess based on rigging and my memory
    - I do have a picture of the last remaining hull piece, part of the bow decking
    - may have had a small inboard (from memory and fixtures found) unsure though
    - definitely had running lights

    There may be a few dead end leads in that list, such as the inboard. I'm not confident about that. Please see the pictures below. Any idea what boat design this rigging belongs to? Thanks!

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    What you are asking is like identifying a scrapped car by its engine transmission and wheels, with no serial numbers. Added to this is the possibility that this former boat may have been a custom boat, meaning there were never any copies.

    Designing a boat around this stuff could be an interesting challenge.

    Based on the spar dimensions given, your little sketch, and your sail area estimations, which seem reasonable, I guestimate the former boat had a design displacement of around a ton.

    This would put in in league with a Lightning, but the Center Board is different.

    The pictures of the Center Board and Rudder are of poor quality. Better pictures of these two parts would be instrumental in discovering what boat class boat they may have belonged to, if any.
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    A word of caution, if I may. If you plan to reuse the gear on a new hull purely to save money; it would be significantly cheaper (in my part of the world) to buy an extant boat, than to invest in a new hull for an archaic rig.

    If your intensions are more complex, my very best wishes.

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