Ideas for sale/charter etc converted fishing trawler

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    Hi all,

    Just joined and hoping you can assist. I bought a 14 berth 80ft converted fishing trawler earlier this year because... I fell in love with her! Unfortunately the wife didnt and now I either have to sell her or make her work commercially. I have her with a broker but its taking an age...
    Any ideas on how to get her chartered or rented? Who to approach? She needs further work on the hull but currently has at Cat 6.
    Here she is Boats for sale UK, boats for sale, used boat sales, Motor Boats For Sale 1970 Converted Fishing Trawler Multi Purpose - Apollo Duck
    Thanks all.....
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    Have you placed this advert with Apollo Duck / Boatshed, or is this still the old advert from when you bought her?
    If you want to have an easy life ahead, then it might be wise to take heed of what your wife says. :)
    I see that she is under 24 metres load line length which is good - if she was over 24 metres the rules re crewing and safety would be much more complicated.
    Re putting her to work commercially - in the advert they suggest "Future options may include live aboard, bed and breakfast, floatel, dive support, expedition support, office space - the list is endless!"
    Maybe investigate advertising her with the marine equivalent of Air BnB?
    Boat Bed & Breakfast
    They also note that "Currently the boat is undergoing works in order to comply with coding regulations for a 5 year category 2, small commercial vessel license".
    Has this work been completed - or if not, how much more work needs to be done?
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