icemaker for my boat any.. recomendations

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    hi. i want to buy an icemaker for my boat (old 50 ft boatel houseboat) i keep it at lake powell and its usually around 100 degrees most of the summer. i figure i spend over 100 bucks a week on ice.. and its also a pain in the butt to run to the marina store in the skiff almost daily to buy more ice. i was hoping to find a machine that will make ice quickley. i dont want to have the generator running all the time so i was thinking i could fire it up for an hour or so and whip out some ice for the day. is that possible or is it more time consuming? also can anyone recommend a reliable generator thats not to noisey? right now i have a really noisey 3000 watt cummings tools gas generator. i dont need alot of electricty as i have propane lights on boat ...1000 watt generator would do.or whatever it takes to push the icemaker.. also would like it to have dc charging capability.......thanks in advance
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    Sunpentown IM-100 Ice Maker
    $160 us. will pay for itself in 2-weeks at your rate of use.
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    Honda generators are quite.

    At $2 a bag that would be 7 bags a day. That is a hell of alot of ice! Maybe a better insulated cooler, or really good built in ice box would be more economical.

    Stay cool out there.

    Take care.

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